Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ad-Free Viewing for Subs

Ad-Free viewing for subs coming soon for all partner broadcasters on

During the Pax East Twitch town hall they announced a new feature that will be available to all partner broadcasters which will incentivize viewers to subscribe to channels to receive ad-free viewing.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Raid & Hosting guide

How to host or raid another channel on using simple commands!

To host a channel its pretty simple, go to your chat room from your channel and type /host Channel

Replace Channel with the one you want to host.

If you do this successfully, the channel you are hosting will get a message show up in chat saying "*Channel* is now hosting you for X viewers."

Another way to know if you are currently hosting a channel is to check on your broadcaster dashboard page. It will show a box in the chat window saying, "hosting channel".

If you are receiving a host by many channels and what to know which, you can check this by looking at the dashboard page for the host panel.  Click on the "Host" and a list will show all the channels.

Its recommended not to randomly host others with out permission first.  Ask the broadcaster if they want to be hosted before you trigger it.

Here is a list of pros and cons of hosting.

  • Great for team building between different channels and different timezones.
  • Team groups can boost members ahead of non teams casters for the gaming category.
  • Can be use to influence other broadcasters for networking.
  • Coupled with loyalty systems, hosting can be turned into a weird legit viewbot boost tactic.

If you do not have permission before hand and host a channel that didn't want to be hosted they can report you.

Be very aware of casters who use loyalty systems and host your channel. Loyalty channels have a huge amount of viewers who will sit in channels just to collect tokens. These casters know this and use this to influence or in a sense bribe other channels for a vast variety of things.

 Update 11/14/2017

A new command has just been introduced called RAID and is available to be used by all broadcasts on Twitch.

The new command is similar to the /host command, but instead of /host channel name its /raid channel name.

Viewers will see a countdown progress meter to which they can join the raiding of the target channel.

All the PRO's and CON's that were previously listed for hosting apply to raid also, since its basically the same mechanic.

If you want to prevent raids to your channel, they have added the option to do that in the dashboard.

Go to your Dashboard, then click on SETTINGS, then RAIDS under Raid Preferences.

Other additional options:
  • Allow all incoming raids
  • Allow only raids from friends, teammates and followed channels
  • Disable incoming raids

Monday, April 18, 2016

is twitch down

How to check if twitch is down currently using the web!

For outage and other issues that happen on, the best place to check is their twitter support at Twitch support will tweet any outage related issues from there. Other places to check for outages would be the sub reddit at but note this is user submitted.

There is also a 3rd party site that shows twitch status, ingest servers and chat server status.

Check out

 Another tool would be any of the site checker sites like

Twitch App

Twitch App for mobile phones, ipad, tablets and more.

Watch from your mobile, ipad and tablets via the Twitch app for iOS and Android.

Features of the Twitch App
  • Browse channels by game directory
  • Search by channel, people, games 
  • Full chat functionality
  • Watch VODs, broadcasts and highlights
  • Apple Airplay compatibility for iOS
  • Android - Chromecast support
  • Video quality setting 
App Details / Requirements


Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Size: 16.3 MB

Compatibility: Varies by device
Size: Varies by device

Download the Twitch App

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Text to speech chat reader

How to get your very own text to speech chat room reader for!

First step is to download mIRC and get it all setup for your channel.  Instructions on how to get mIRC working with twitch can be found in a previous post.

Next inside the mIRC client there is a section for speech under sounds.
  • Go to Tools, then options ( shortcut key is alt-o )
  • Then under Sound has a speech section, click on that.
  • Press Enable speech
  • Once that is on, anything in chat should be read back by the tts.

Other options to consider when using the text to speech on

In the same speech options screen, there is a button called Lexicon. You can use lexicon to filter words to prevent people from trolling the tts. I personally use it to counter troll, so when people type a bad word, instead of saying the bad word it says something funny.

Other things you can also do to prevent spam is to use the ignore command inside mIRC.  If someone posted up a wall of text spam, just go back to the Enable Speech and uncheck it, it will stop the tts, then you can just restart it back up.

Keep in mind, if you plan to use TTS alot, you should consider making a different twitch account for the mIRC and not use your own main twitch username so you can ignore the tts user and not yourself.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments fill free to address them here in the comments section!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Setting up mIRC

Guide on how to setup mIRC to work with Twitch IRC chat service.

 Step 1.
  •  Download and install mIRC

 Step 2.
  • Launch the program
  • Click on Tools, then Options
  • On the side menu click on Connect
  • Enter your twitch username in lowercase for Nickname

 Step 3.

  • In mIRC Options, click servers
  • Delete all the folders, entries that are listed by default
  • Once the IRC Server list is clear, click ADD
  • For Description enter: Twitch
  • For IRC Server enter:
  • For Ports enter: 80
  • Leave Group blank
  • For Password you need OAuth Token, use TwitchApp to generate it or the Twitch API
  • Press OK 

Step 4.

  • In mIRC Options, click Connect
  • Under that is Options, click on that
  • Then click on Perform Button
  • Check the box that says Enable perform on connect
  • Add in the following inside the text box: raw CAP REQ
  • Then press OK, then again OK to leave Options window.

Step 5.

  • Click on Favorites in the menu bar
  • Then go to Organize Favorites
  • If this has a list of favorites already populated, delete all of them
  • Once you clear the list, press Add
  • Enter the channel you wish to connect, for example I want to join my channels irc, so I will enter #daopa in the channel text box, then press option to Join on connect.
  • Add whatever channels you use to join, with option to auto connect if you prefer it to join like that.

Additional Server Settings (if above settings do not work)

  • Server:
    Ports: 80, 6667
    SSL ports: 443, 6697
  • Server:
    Port: 80
    SSL port: 443