Thursday, August 16, 2018

Huge amount of follower bots are copying your stream channel name

Huge numbers of fake follower accounts have been created using channel names.

So overnight some entity has created thousands of Twitch accounts using streamers channel's name. Here is a screenshot of what it looks for one of my channels on Twitch.

fake channels on twitch

The format for the accounts appears to follow a pattern, its basically a streamers channel plus a random combination of one to three digits or letters. Some are also using pictures, avatars from established streamers in the profile.

Please be aware its not the channel owners doing it, if you get messages, alerts, /raids or whatever from channels that are following this format dont take it against the streamer.

Who exactly knows what the entity is planning on doing with all the fake accounts. Hopefully Twitch will investigate and remove these accounts from the system.

How to check if your channel was effected is by using the search function on the Twitch website.

Put in your stream name in the search bar and then click more on the channel section. Here is a screenshot to help you see where to click on to show more.

Again, be careful when clicking on things inside chat rooms, this entity maybe will try to post links with similar channel name to get viewers to click on them. It maybe a smart move to banned all accounts you find during search to prevent something like that from happening inside your chats.

Monday, August 13, 2018

600,000+ Tune in for the start of Battle for Azeroth

At 6 PM Est time, the start of "World of Warcraft's - Battle for Azeroth" newest expansion launched and here are some screenshots of the numbers and top streamers on twitch!

Let start with overall viewers, it topped around 610,000 here is a screenshot from the Twitch directory.

world of warcraft bfa launch twitch
Click to enlarge picture.
With any large AAA Title, tons of streamers who usually do not play or stream world of warcraft all jumped in for the expansion launch. Here is a look at the top most streamers:

bfa top streamers list from twitch
Click to enlarge screenshot

Top  streamers for launch include the following:
  • sodapoppin - 84,750 viewers
  • Asmongold - 60,350 viewers
  • LIRIK - 31,170 viewers
  • ZeratoR - 29,728 viewers
  • TimTheTatman - 26,652 viewers
  • Reckful - 23,506 viewers
  • shroud - 21,415 viewers
  • AtheneLIVE - 16,513 viewers
  • Towelliee - 14,535 viewers
  • ungespielt - 7,612 vierwers

It is always amazing to see the viewership numbers for game launches like this Twitch. You can also view how much of a viewership hit some of these non wow streamers take by switching over to it for the launch window. As of 7:30 PM, overall viewership numbers have gone down to around 495,991 Viewers. I guess the core viewers are now busy playing the game and stopped watching streams.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Powerful Embedding Promotion

How embedding can be used to promote big events for your Twitch channel.

This past weekend Twitch had a major Overwatch League event and I noticed some of the various ways they used embedding advertising to promote the channel. For those of you who are not familiar with what embedding means its basically taking the channel video stream player and showing it externally outside of Twitch. A good example of embedding can be seen here on this blog, on the sidebar I embed my Twitch channel in the advertising section. You can also include chat as its own embed if you wanted to show that off.

So lets start with reddit, on numerous subreddits during the event they had a advertisement going which showed the stream as a embed. Here is a screenshot:

overwatchleague stream on reddit
This would show up as a reddit promoted post and as users went to the subreddits that had this advert going, they would be able to watch the stream inside of reddit.

Next up and most likely one of the best embedding options Twitch has in their portfolio is gamepedia. Here is a screenshot of the OverwatchLeague channel being embedding across the majority of the gamepedia wiki network.

overwatchleague stream on gamepedia
Even thou the event is over with that embed is still occurring which is extremely helpful when looking at how much channel views generation its generally doing. Lets take a quick look at some basic stats for this channel.

OverwatchLeague Stats, Followers, Views
The event took place on the 27th and 28th of July, on the screenshot I've added 2 black dots. Now look at what happened on Sunday, over 2 million views on a offline stream. And continued on to Monday another 1.2 million views mostly generated by Twitch's embedding of the channel on gamepedia. How interesting to see a big bulk of the views coming from embedding promotions outside of Twitch.

One more place that I've seen in the past Twitch used to promote a special event was on imdb. IMDB is owned by Amazon, its a movie-actor type of a database lookup website. I forgot to check to see if they had any promotional embed for the Overwatchleague channel.  But here is how they used it during a Call of Duty Black Ops announcement event.

Call of Duty Black Ops IMDB Embed

This was on the frontpage, top fold of the layout showing the channel as a embed.

Most likely they did additional promotion on facebook, twitter and other places but I didn't dig that deep. On facebook they do not allow 3rd party embedding, but on Twitter you can embed your stream.

Overall this shows how powerful embedding advertisement can be to promote your channel on Twitch. Check out my "How to get twitch viewers", guide for ways you can start taking advantage of embedding and other various tips that I have learned over the years of streaming.

Any questions or comments fill free to post below in the comment section.

Update 8/15/2018 - Noticed another embedded stream on r/twitch promoting Call of Duty, unlucky for them having a MATURE Filter enabled prevented the stream from autoplaying.

Here is a screenshot:

Monday, June 25, 2018

Phishing scam streams

How to avoid getting caught in a phishing scam stream.

phishing scams live streamsSo no platform is safe from this type of a scam. A phishing scam is basically fraudulent attempts to obtain sensitive information like username, passwords and in the Twitch world of things it will include video game accounts and virtual goods.

I just recently hear of a Twitch viewer failing for a phishing scam. Here is what happened, they are fans of 'Old School Runescape' and noticed a streamer on Twitch with around 2,000 viewers playing that video game. This Twitch channel had a profile panel with information linking to a phishing website that looked exactly like the runescape forums.

So what happened was the viewer, checked out the Twitch's streamers profile, saw the link to what they thought was the official forums because the streamer wrote in the profile panel section they were quitting the game and giving away their items on the supposed linked forum thread. So the viewer thought oh cool, this streamer is giving away his stuff let me go check it out. So they clicked on the link that was in the profile, which was made to look exactly like the runescape forums. They put in their runescape account information and seconds later found themselves under a DDOS attack.  During that time frame their runescape gold, items were all stolen.

So here is what you need to always remember to prevent this exact sort of thing happening to you.
  • Do not click on any random links in chat, whispers or profile sections for channels.
  • Note even banners or streamer panels can have links pointing to external websites.
  • Preview All URLS by mousing over, if they are short URLs do not trust them at all.
  • If you trust the streamer and believe the links are ok, double check to make sure they are going to legitimate sites.  Sometimes hackers do extremely tiny changes to accounts such as changing out a link and just one link on a webpage leading to a phishing site.
  • Remember a old saying, if its to good to be true, it probably is, if someone is offering something as a giveaway or promotion that wants username information, emails and other things make sure to verify the legitimacy before supply any personal information.
Majority of phishing scam that occur on the twitch platform are basically private messages text offerings with shortURL links that go to phishing webpages. This was the first time I heard of a stream being used as a way to phish.

Do you know of any phishing attempts happening on the Twitch platform? If so please share them in the comments section below.

Embedding clips on twitter

Guide on how to embed twitch clips onto twitter.

So you want to put a twitch clip on twitter as a embed? Here is a simple way to do it by downloading the clip and reuploading it into twitter.  This method can also apply for facebook pages. So if you want to upload clips onto both twitter and facebook, substitute step 3 with posting on facebook, its very similar.

Step 1.

Go to the clip page on twitch you want to embed on twitter. Click on the clip, it should pop up a small window with options on the bottom right.

clip popup window

Step 2.

Right click on the download button and use option save link as, make sure to save the video clip to a location you can easily find such as your desktop.

download twitch clips

Step 3.

Now that you have your video clip downloaded, you can use it to upload into twitter, which will create it as a embed. Go to twitter, then to tweet creation window and click on 'Add photos or video' button, select the video clip file and upload it. Write out a tweet description with your hash tags and tweet it out.

twitter tweet window with video embed

Sunday, June 24, 2018

How to get free game keys sponsor

Guide on how to get free game keys for live streaming and video content creation.

Listed here are a couple of websites that provide the link between game companies, developers and content creators to connect for sponsorships. If you are a streamer, you should definitely think about joining in on these sites for possible free game keys and more. The more viewers, followers and content generation you create, the more sponsorship doors open up.

Game developers are looking for influencers to play their games on live streams and on videos for youtube. What makes these services very helpful is how they screen out fake content creators. Each content creator supplies connections to their Twitch, Youtube, Social Media and other accounts which then pulls in data to verify the authenticity and traffic levels of the content creators.

Here are some of the services I use for my stream!

1. Woovit - is a self service key distribution platform.

2. - key distribution platform, PR, performance driven, influencers are provided a custom link to selling the game and or product/service to which they will earn a commission on for valid sales that are tracked.

3. - key distribution platform, PR

4. Keymailer - key distribution platform

These are all the different key distribution platforms that I have signed up for and use regularly to get free game keys for my channel on twitch. If you happen to know of any that are not listed and provide similar services, please fill free to comment below or message me so I can review it and add it to the list.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to get twitch viewers

Guide on how to get twitch viewers for your channel.
One of the hardest aspects of streaming on a large platform like Twitch is acquiring viewers. Here are some tips, guides and other helpful information to tackle that problem.  We will be sharing traditional and non traditional ways for getting viewers on twitch.

more twitch viewers
Guide List:
  • The basics to viewership building - this guide includes the generic methods for getting more viewers.
  • Luck Factor -  covers game day launches, friends with benefits, rule breaking and other topics.
  • Embedding - one of the most powerful ways to obtain viewers is by embedding and syndication. This guide overs the basics in getting the embed code for your channel.
    • Wordpress - covers how to put your stream on a wordpress website.
    • Advanced Embed Code options - lists more parameters and settings for embedding.
    • Twitter - this guide is how you can embed your stream inside of twitter. Twitter users will see a video player window to which they can press play on and your stream will start showing up inside of twitter.  This is extremely powerful if used correctly with the right hashtags.
Other key information:
  • Reddit - one of the biggest forums / discussion websites in the world. This is a huge traffic potential for any streamer. If you primary in one type of game and they have a subreddit, make sure to visit that subreddit and contribute to the discussion. If the subreddit allows videos and stream posts make sure to create one for your channel. Follow the rules do not just randomly post your link as a dump and run.
  • Gamepedia - guide about how Twitch is using their wiki network to generate views for channels.
    • Top Game Influencer - if you are a affiliate or partner, you will want to read that news post since a majority have no idea this is occuring in the background. 
    • Free Channel Traffic / Free Views - detail guide on how you can use gamepedia to grow your channel.
  • Facebook - create a fan page for your channel on facebook, make sure to post video clip highlights, events and other important information for your channel. More detail guide under construction.
  • Steam Group - create a group on steam for your channel. More detail guide under construction.
  • Discord - get a discord server setup for your channel. A great way to continue the chat and community off of Twitch. More detail guide under construction. 
  • Free Game Keys - guide on how to sign up for free game keys via various specialized platforms.