Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to get twitch viewers

Guide on how to get twitch viewers for your channel.
One of the hardest aspects of streaming on a large platform like Twitch is acquiring viewers. Here are some tips, guides and other helpful information to tackle that problem.  We will be sharing traditional and non traditional ways for getting viewers on twitch.

more twitch viewers
Guide List:
  • The basics to viewership building - this guide includes the generic methods for getting more viewers.
  • Luck Factor -  covers game day launches, friends with benefits, rule breaking and other topics.
  • Embedding - one of the most powerful ways to obtain viewers is by embedding and syndication. This guide overs the basics in getting the embed code for your channel.
    • Wordpress - covers how to put your stream on a wordpress website.
    • Advanced Embed Code options - lists more parameters and settings for embedding.
    • Twitter - this guide is how you can embed your stream inside of twitter. Twitter users will see a video player window to which they can press play on and your stream will start showing up inside of twitter.  This is extremely powerful if used correctly with the right hashtags.
Other key information:
  • Reddit - one of the biggest forums / discussion websites in the world. This is a huge traffic potential for any streamer. If you primary in one type of game and they have a subreddit, make sure to visit that subreddit and contribute to the discussion. If the subreddit allows videos and stream posts make sure to create one for your channel. Follow the rules do not just randomly post your link as a dump and run.
  • Gamepedia - guide about how Twitch is using their wiki network to generate views for channels.
    • Top Game Influencer - if you are a affiliate or partner, you will want to read that news post since a majority have no idea this is occuring in the background. 
    • Free Channel Traffic / Free Views - detail guide on how you can use gamepedia to grow your channel.
  • Facebook - create a fan page for your channel on facebook, make sure to post video clip highlights, events and other important information for your channel. More detail guide under construction.
  • Steam Group - create a group on steam for your channel. More detail guide under construction.
  • Discord - get a discord server setup for your channel. A great way to continue the chat and community off of Twitch. More detail guide under construction.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

How to make twitch emotes

Guide on how to make twitch emotes for your affiliate or partner channel.

Emotes are tiny images that show up in chat when subscribers use specific commands. Creating very unique emotes is a great way to add value to your channels sub.

Here are some beginner steps on creating custom emotes for your channel on twitch.

Step 1

You need a program like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP to get started. GIMP is free to use and can find it at the following URL:

Step 2

After getting a program to create emotes, you need to know some of the rules and guidelines for emotes on the twitch platform. Here is a quick rundown list:
  • Image needs to be in a .png format
  • Need to create 3 PNG files for each emote in different size formats
    • 28px x 28px
    • 56px x 56px
    • 112px x 112px
  • File size can not be over 25kb.
  • Background needs to be transparent
  • Follow Twitch Community Guidelines and TOS
    • Do not create images that intend to harass, hate, have extreme political phrases, are vulgar, contain drugs, sex and any sorts of nudity
  • Rules / Restrictions
    • Animated Gifs are not allowed
    • Single Letters are not allowed unless its part of branding
    • No emotes based on Twitch global emotes, expect for Kappa or VoHiYo derivatives.
Step 3

Open up the program you have to create emotes and start with a canvas size of 112px x 112px or larger. Think of creative elements that encompass your streaming community and start creating a emote based around that idea. Create a color palette that you will use for all your emotes in the future. Palette should be similar to your brand logo image to keep it consistent  and recognizable.

If you are not very creative in this department think about using a 3rd party.

Step 4

Once you have created the emote, saved it in the 3 different required formats with a transparent background, now it's time to submit the emote to twitch. Go to your dashboard, then click on Affiliate / Partner, then Emotes.

Step 5

Upload your emote's 3 resolution sizes, create a unique code and then submit.

That's the basics, the hardest part of emote creation is the creative phase. Thinking about unique emotes that stand out for your brand and community is very challenging. But it doesn't hurt to see what other streamers have done for emotes. Maybe they will inspire similar emotes styles that you can use for your channel.

How to twitch prime sub

Guide on how to use your twitch prime subscription.

Twitch prime allows you to subscribe to a channel for a month. The channel has to be a affiliate or partner level in order to have the sub button option. Here are the steps needed to use your twitch prime sub.

Step 1

Visit a channel that is a partner or a affiliate. For this example I will be using my stream at

daopa channel page

Step 2

Click on the button labeled subscribe at the top right.

twitch sub button

Step 3

Click on the "Subscribe Free" button

subscription options on twitch

Step 4

After pressing and completing the purchasing of the subscription, you have to refresh the web browser in order for the sub to initialize. Press F5 or the refresh button on your browser.

Additional Option available:You will have a share button available that lets you send a text message in chat announcing your subscription.

Note on Twitch Prime subs, they do not auto-renew, you have to do these same steps every 30 days.

Status of current subscriptions can be seen on your subscription page, the URL is
sub page
For more information on how to acquire a prime sub, check out our previous post on Twitch Prime.

Advance Embed Code options for Twitch

Advance settings for embed code usage for Twitch streams.

Here are some additional options for use when adding embedding code from Twitch. This code includes many options that will be explained below.

<script src=""></script>

<div id="&lt;player div ID&gt;">
<script type="text/javascript">
  var options = {
    width: 300,
    height: 250,
    channel: "daopa",
    //video: "<video ID>",
    //collection: "<collection ID>",
  var player = new Twitch.Player("{PLAYER_DIV_ID}", options);
  player.addEventListener("play", function(){
  console.log("Twitch tv player is ready");

Channel: "Enter your Twitch Channel name" - this is self explained.

When you see // this blocks that line from being read. So if you want the embed code to show just a stream to block the other 2 (video / collection).

video: "<video ID>",

If you want to embed a video, put // in front of channel and collection then add in the video ID as this format "{95561021}"

To get your video id, go to your dashboard, then click on Video producer. Find the video, click on it and it will show you the numbers in the video URL section on the left of the pop up screen.

Copy the same steps from video for embedding a collection.

If your stream has transcoders you can change the default auto quality option to a specific value.


Options include 160p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p


How to make your embed player start up muted or not.


How to change the volume on the player.

Friday, June 15, 2018

How to put your stream on wordpress

Guide on how to put your twitch live stream on wordpress.

A great way to get more viewers to your stream is by embedding.  Here is how to get it onto your wordpress website.

Step 1

Login to your wordpress website and then click on 'My Site".

Step 2

Determine the location of where you want to have your live stream showing. This will vary depending on your layout, widget locations. For this guide we will be placing the stream on the sidebar.

stream sidebar

Step 3

Click Appearance, then widgets, add the Custom HTML widget

custom html

Step 4

Enter a Title, I generally use My Channel or Advertisement, then below you add in the embed code from Twitch.

<script src=""></script>

<div id="&lt;player div ID&gt;">
<script type="text/javascript">
  var options = {
    width: 300,
    height: 250,
    channel: "daopa",
    //video: "<video ID>",
    //collection: "<collection ID>",
  var player = new Twitch.Player("<player div ID>", options);

Make sure to switch out daopa with your Twitch channel name. Other options you may have to change is the width and height.

When you finish, click save and it should show up on your blog.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Advice - Take half the time you spend on reddit

Take half the time you spend on "REDDIT" and create a blog, write about games you play.

Some advice for game streamers since reddit is one of the most popular websites globally and most likely many streamers on Twitch check it out regularly for info. Take half the time you spend on reddit and put it towards creating a blog featuring content and your stream!

Do you have a Gmail / Google account? Perfect, use that to make a free blog on blogger.

Need ideas for content? Write about whatever games you are playing on your stream. Make guides, post up screenshots, post up your video highlights. Build content that people will search for via search engines.

Post your stream on the sidebar of the blog as a embed. If people check the blog, they will see your stream and may switch over to say hello! A good example of this can been seen right here on this blog. I write guides, opinion pieces for streaming and have my channel on the sidebar.

Quick guide steps on blog creation:
  1. Make a Google account or use a existing one.
  2. Go to, click on Sign then, use your google account.
  3. May be prompted to create a Profile, this option is up to you, use either google+ or blogger profile
  4. Next, press Create a New Blog
  5. Enter Title and address, if you are primarily going to be writing about a certain game, you may want to use abbreviation or some keywords from the game title in the address and title.
  6. Select Theme then create blog.
That is basically it, very easy to get started with a new blog. Another tip is to make sure the new blog is listed in the webmaster tools for google, bing and other search engines.

Webmaster Tool links:

> Google -

> Bing -

Always remember "Content is King," keep building to make a sound foundation.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Top Game Influencer on Twitch, isn't a person its a website!

One of the top influencer's for games on Twitch isn't a streamer or a personality, its a external website.

Influencer marketing is generally getting the word out about a product or a service to a large group of consumers via "Influencers". On Twitch "Influencers" are generally streamers who are payed or sponsored in some fashion to play a video game or show case a product. Streamers who are not paid but are inspired to play games and/or use products they like on their channels are also "Influencers" in some capacity.

Top Games Twitch 2018 May
One major factor on overall influencing on Twitch for video games is the game directory. If a game is on the top slots of the overall directory, more viewership generally trends into those channels featuring said game.

In comes "Gamepedia", which is owned by Amazon, the parent company of Twitch Inc. Gamepedia is promoting Twitch streams across their vast network of crowd sourcing wiki's. Only the top Twitch streams that are of affiliate level or higher get promoted depending on the game. So lets say a Twitch affiliate streamer named "Justin" is playing and streaming Diablo. If no other Twitch affiliate or partners are streaming that game, Justin's channel will be promoted on gamepedia's diablo wiki on the bottom of the content pages.

As people search for Diablo related information on search engines, they will most likely see in the top search engine results, gamepedia related pages.  Once they visit a gamepedia content page, they will be counted as a view for the twitch channel being promoted at the bottom.

gamepedia embedding twitch streams
Here is a example of a Twitch stream being promoted on a gamepedia wiki page at the bottom.

If no one is streaming Diablo, then the current top streamer of twitch will be promoted in that spot.

All of these views from gamepedia add up and directly influence the overall placement of games on the directory.

And here is also another really interesting factor, that many don't really know about or consider. Any  streamer who gets promoted on gamepedia wiki's will be able to see the traffic coming in via the dashboard stats from external sites. If the traffic is pretty substantial why would they switch and play other games? Who is going to say no to thousands of free channel views and viewers automatically coming to your channel?

Fill free to ask questions or comment below!