Saturday, May 21, 2022

If your linking to games on steam, make sure to add in this to get noticed!

Are you playing games on your twitch or youtube channel and then link back to their steam page?  If so this quick tip may help you get noticed by the developers if your sending traffic there way.

Normally when you link back to a game on steam the format looks like this:


But if you want to show up in the developers analytics section you can add in the following:


 This is what the report will look like if they check steam analytics section on there dashboard.

So basically add in the following to the end of the URL and change what you want in the highlighted bold sections.


Or just 


For more information on UTM check out the following page on steam:

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

How to fix a jumbled up OBS Screen?

This is a quick tip on how to unscramble the OBS window when your monitor loses power or resolution changes occur.

Here is how OBS screen jumbles up when my monitor is shutoff or lost power.

obs window error

When playing certain games or even having a screensaver with power saving mode on, the obs window can start to mess up as shown in the above screenshot.  In order to fix it and get it back to normal, go to the Obs program, make sure its in focus and then press F11 which will put it into full screen.  Press F11 again to bring it back to a window.

This should fix the screen ui issue with OBS.

Thursday, December 30, 2021

Does a green color border around your profile picture make any difference?

The psychology around different colors and marketing subject seems to be a interesting topic.  Today I have changed the border of my profile picture to being bright green. Here is a screenshot of what that looks like from the default format.

Profile Image
DaOpa Green Border profile picture

When you upload to Twitch, it will crop the image into a circle which looks like this image.
sidebar section twitch
As you can see when the profile image is on the sidebar, it stands out a little more then other profile images. You can also see 2 other profile pictures that also have a greenish border similar to what I did and then can compare to the bottom 3 profile images that have a black border.

Now the question is if this will make users of the site that have it showing up, click on it more then the other profile pictures?

This is something I wont be able to get data on but I have a feeling it does have some impact in a positive way.

Question for anyone who reads this short post, from your point of view, do you think having a green border around makes any difference?

Friday, November 12, 2021

How to use the google/youtube ABC Method for discovery and keyword research!

Short guide on what the google/youtube ABC method is and how to utilize it to create content for discovery opportunities.

  • First question people will ask is what exactly is the google ABC Method?

Google search bar has a feature that automatically suggests words based on what you have already typed in the text box.  If you search for a keyword and then just add a "A", it will show you all the suggestions that people search for on google for that keyword.

Here are some screenshot examples of using the ABC Method on google.

google abc method example

google abc method example 2

As shown in the screenshots, we used twitch as the keyword and started the ABC method. So use the keyword or specific topic, then type A and see what the results are showing in the pop up box.  Then swap the A with B which can be repeated over and over thru the whole alphabet. The results are showing many different words which can be turned into content that answers a question.

You can continue to use this method to generate even longer terms and search for possible questions people are asking about a keyword. 

  • What is the ABC method for youtube?

This is exactly the same idea but instead of using google, you will use the youtube search bar.

Here is a screenshot example of using the ABC Method on youtube.

youtube abc method

Both ways show you content ideas to write about or to make videos on based on the keyword you used.  This can be expanded in many different ways to even show you questions for whatever niche you are involved in or want to get into in the future.

This is one of the best kept secrets that many content creators have been using to generate ideas for making videos, streaming and writing blogs.  If you are very keyed into a certain product, service or news event and can create content before everyone else, this will also help your placement on both youtube and google.


Thursday, November 4, 2021

How legal viewbots thrive is a false narrative

So there has been a ongoing narrative of how embeds on 3rd party websites are and I quote "Legit Viewbots" or "Legal Viewbots" by some so called streaming industry experts.

legit viewbot, legal viewbot
If you watch some youtuber's videos on the subject, they open up with showing off the World of Warcraft directory and how "Asmongold" viewers are real while "Method" viewers are not real because method was supposedly embedded on 3rd party websites.

First off, these blanket statements of this channel has real viewership vs others is always wrong.  They do not know and are just assuming things.

If you want to keep going down this rabbit hole, then all of these are also considered legit viewbots.

  • Frontpage of Twitch's carousal 
  • Auto Hosts / Hosting
  • Raids

Here is 100% undisputed truth that if you follow the logic line of what these people say, some of the biggest channels on twitch all have huge chunks of "Legit Viewbots" just as anyone else who has been on twitch for a very long time.

Check this screenshot of when Asmongold shared his dashboard stats during one of his biggest streaming sessions on Twitch.

Asmongold Stream embedded on 3rd party websites

If you know how the stats section works on twitch, you will notice that a big portion of the views came from external aka as these people say "legit viewbots".

Next, they keep mixing together what view bots are with what embedding is which is totally different!

  • Viewbot is typically any method that sends automated connections to the Twitch video player which then Twitch thinks is a person viewing the channel thus being counted as a view.
  • A embed twitch video player on a webpage is typically viewed by a real person which isn't automated and also gets counted as a view.

These two things are very different yet they always like to mix them together as if they are similar.

After that comes the whole narrative of chat lists, follower numbers and how one chat is very active while the other isn't active.

Typically when someone embeds the twitch video player to a website as a form of advertisement they do not included the chat which makes any possibility of interaction not available. But that does not mean the embed is not being viewed and consumed by the website visitor.

Here are the rules around embedded the twitch video player.
Twitch Embed Rules and requirements
  • You can not put a 1x1 pixel twitch embed on a webpage, that's against the rules. The embed player has to be 400x300 pixels in size minimum. 
  • Also you can not buy embed placement or sell embeds on websites, as shown in the rules screenshot above. The whole idea of hey lets put my twitch channel embed on thousands of high traffic website is against the rules unless you own and operate these entities.

You can have a billion webpages with your twitch embed on it and have it generate zero views because of the lack of content.  Just as any content creator should know, content is king in both the streaming world and for websites.

If there is one thing Twitch needs, it needs more people to created external content and to embed twitch on it.  Just like how billions of content pages showcase youtube embeds which then feeds people back into youtube, the same needs to happen with twitch.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Embedding gone wrong, watch out for this!

How a 3rd party website is using the Twitch embed player in a very wrong way. Going to showcase what you should look for if you ever notice any external source popping up in your analytics section on twitch.

You can see if any 3rd party websites are embedding your twitch stream on either the channel analytics page or the stream summary section. Basically, go to your Dashboard > Insights > Click on either Channel Analytics or Stream Summary.  Both have a section called "Where did my views come from?" which then has a link to "View details", make sure to click on that to see the data.

If all goes well you will get a page that has the following type of section:

views from outside twitch
"Views from Outside Twitch" lists domain urls that have a Twitch embed player showing your stream. If you see yourself receiving a massive amount of views from this section its probably worth some time to investigate the sites to see how they are using the Twitch embed code.

Here is something I recently noticed that was happening in the "New World" game directory from a 3rd party website.

2 Embeds, one hidden, one visible

This screenshot has been censored so the 3rd party website and the embedded Twitch streamer isn't viewable.  

If you go to this website right off the bat you will think nothing sketchy is occurring.   Its a guide for a mmorpg and under the main content is a Twitch embed player that is set to Autoplay=False which means its not auto playing the live stream as you enter the page.  

But this same webpage if you press F12 (which loads up DevTools on chrome) shows a different story. 

I have highlighted 2 twitch embeds on the screenshot.

The red highlight is a hidden iframe with a twitch embed everything code that is set to autoplay=true.

The blue highlight is the visible iframe with a normal just twitch video player embed that is set to autoplay=false.

Other notes, this website has some extra sketchy stuff with refreshing the ads and also the red highlight hidden iframe.  So every couple of second the Twitch embed everything iframe is being reloaded in the background hidden from the users who are consuming the content on this page.

A hidden iframe with a Twitch player embed is against the Twitch developer service agreement.

See the terms here:

If you notice this happening to your stream channel via some 3rd party website, report it to Twitch.

So you have to ask yourself why is this 3rd party doing this?

This 3rd party appears to be using this tactic to advertise and possibly gain influence with streamers who are invested in New World.  

The 3rd party has a new world website that the streamers are using on their channel.

So they pick the channels that are showing off their New World site, embed it so that streamer is higher on the Twitch New World directory which then may lead to more people seeing their website which in terms generators more web traffic for them.

Twitch Developer Agreement - "You may not create embeddable experiences in exchange for any compensation (monetary or non-monetary, directly or indirectly) from a content provider on a site or service that the content provider does not own or operate."

If the streamer checks to see whats going on via their "Views from Outside source", and goes to the other non new world website that's promoting their channel, at first glance it will be the visible twitch player embed that is paused. These streamers most likely have no idea of the hidden iframe, some of them probably don't even know they are being embedded.

Additional note on this case.

  • The Twitch Embed Everything code, why do they use that in the hidden iframe? Well here is a super secret tip, because it effects Twitch algorithm for "recommended channels" vs just having a Twitch Video player.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Does IPAD have twitch?

No, IPAD does not have the Twitch IOS app installed by default.  In order to get Twitch onto your ipad you will have to go to the apple app store and install it.

Ipad twitch button

Follow theses simple steps in order to get the Twitch App on your Ipad!

Step 1:

Click on the App Store button

Click on app store button

Step 2:

Click on the search feature on the app store

click on search option

Step 3:

In the text box enter Twitch then press the search button

enter twitch in the text box then press search button

Step 4:

Press the "Get" button for the Twitch Live Game streaming section that is also noted as editors choice. See this screenshot to verify what the app looks like in its current form on the app store.

Press Get Button

Step 5:

Press the install button

Press Install button

Step 6:

Once it finishes installing you can press the open button which will then start up the app.

Use Open button to start up twitch