Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Banned Words & Domains list for by DaOpa

DaOpa's Banned Words & Domain list for channels

Here is the currently banned words list I use for my channel!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Fallout 4 streaming fiasco on

Fallout 4 streaming fiasco on leads to dmca takedowns and other problems.

A ongoing issue on Twitch when it comes to AAA title pre launches are becoming a plague. Many gaming companies give special permission to certain broadcasters to stream the game one day early.  Yet alot of other casters jump on the bandwagon and stream it anyways not caring about the set rules.

At some point the list of broadcasters gets massive enough that DMCA takedown requests become a huge hassle and the agent will just quit sending out notices. Not exactly sure if this happened but if you see the current list of people streaming Fallout 4 on right now, surely not all of these people have expressed permission to stream it. This is a screenshot of the directory list for fallout 4 on Nov 9 at around 10 AM EST.

Possible solution to keep this from reoccurring is for twitch to implement a filter. Only authorized streamers with permission from Bethesda will be approved to show up on the game directory for 'Fallout 4' and everyone else will be hidden. Then when the game officially launches the filter is removed and all channels will be listed.