Tuesday, August 9, 2016

No Man's Sky PS4 Launch Day

Today is No Man's Sky launch day for Playstation 4 on Twitch.

Twitch is showing over 700+ streamers with 75,000 total viewers at 8/9 11:00 AM EST. Here is a quick snapshot of the No Man's Sky directory.

Majority of the viewers are bunched up in the top 50 or so streams. I will be streaming this game during the PC launch on Aug 12. The PC version still is getting tweaks and fixes which has caused some delays. Until then I will be creating a small blog for No Man's Sky to log my journey thru the vast infinite galaxy!

Update, Aug 12 Launch for PC version showed at around 2 PM EST time 3775 Streamers with 96k viewers.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

No Man's Sky DMCA Takedowns

No Man's Sky is a upcoming title that I'm looking forward to playing and streaming on Twitch. The game officially comes out August 9 on PS4 North America, August 10th on PS4 in Europe, and then on PC worldwide on August 12th.

Taking a look at the Twitch.tv Directory for No Man's Sky and you can already see many PS4 streamers streaming away.

Throughout this week many No Man's Sky PS4 streams have been taken down due to DMCA violations. Twitch has a 3 strike policy when it comes to DMCA violations. Basically the channel is suspended for 24 hours on first 2 strikes and then would be permanently banned on 3rd. I would also assume channels are sent a notice of the DMCA violation.

  • That being said, are all these pre-release streams eating away the hype factor for a fresh new game?
    • I would say yes, and it will eroad away curious viewers for launch day. People are consuming a unpatched version of the game that has bugs and other game play anomalies that most likely will not be there on launch day.
  • Is one of the issues the ease of streaming via consoles a problem?
    • Yes! not so long ago in order to live stream from a console you needed a capture card and a PC setup. But now the new gen consoles have build in streaming making it very easy for just about anyone to live stream to Twitch.
  • Are some streamers exploiting the 3 strike rule to gain followers for launch day?
    • Sadly it appears there is a couple of streamers who are using a leaked copy of the game in order to build a viewerbase for the future. Being able to stream the game before anyone else on Twitch can assist with obtaining followers for this niche. The better the broadcaster and gimmicks used to get follows + loyalty the more gains for the future. For instance being world first is pretty big accomplishment for getting your name out there.  Especially when it comes to spoilers about a highly hyped game like No Man's Sky.
    • Good example for NMS is the guy who paid a couple thousand for a copy of No Man's Sky a week or 2 ago off of ebay. He managed to live stream it and also has been providing many spoilers. If this guy streams day one launch on Twitch, his channel will probably  be one of the more viewed channels due to being established already with providing spoilers and game details before anyone else.
Another issue that has happened with No Man's Sky is the release date for PC has just been pushed to Aug 12 from Aug 9.  The game developer sent out the following tweet:

Talk about last minute, I ponder how many PC Streamers will be on the edge to purchase a PS4 in order to stream NMS on launch day? For me personally I can wait until Aug 12, I cant stand console controllers anymore.