Monday, March 27, 2017

Events Posting

A short guide on how to use the new events featured recently added to Twitch.

The new events manager option should be now showing up on your dashboard next to video manager.

Click on Create Event and fill out the details.

Once you create a new event it will show up in the future events tab section with some additional options.

  • Edit - change the details, date, image and description
  • Share - Displays the event URL and additional sharing options to various social media sites.
  • Remind Me - Reminder option to automatically send a email 1 hour before the event. Plus additional links to add to calendar for apple, google, yahoo and outlook.
  • Delete - remove the event
Viewers will see the new 'Event' tab showing across the top of your channel page next to collections and the followers number.  Also will show up in channel feed if you selected that option in the events detail form.

When you are creating a new event, a option to add in a image is available. Make sure to create a custom image or else it will auto use a default like the shown in the above screenshot.

For the description section make sure to add in a URL to your channel at the bottom linking back.  There is a link on the side (starring) but I think it stands out alot more if you add it in as text also so its more visible.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Live viewcount polling intervals

Live viewer count polling interval changes on

Recently many people noticed a change that showed directory viewer number vs dashboard (or stream page) vastly different.

On the twitch subreddit a response was given by flgr "viewcount lead";

"Live viewcounts (on the channel page below the live video) are finally updating much faster than they used to. We deployed a change on Friday that will update them around every 30 seconds (from 1 to 2m+ previously). We're planning to get this down further in the future (though it will take us some time). Directory viewcounts don't update quite as often so can be a little behind." - Source

Which means viewer count numbers are going to be less lagged and a little more accurate. Expect to see concurrent numbers for certain streamers lower then what they previously had due to this change.

Other note worthy effects from this polling change is the following:
  • Disconnects / Small interruptions
    Any issues will cause your viewer numbers to reset to zero more frequently then what it was in the past.
  • Playlist System / Embeds
    If your channel is setup with a playlist that automatically runs when your offline, as soon as you go back online all the viewers get cut off, which makes the view counter reset. In the past with a one to two minute buffer, it just continued the count for a majority of the time.

Update 6/2/2017 - Been noticing for the past couple of days another change happened and the counters are getting more skewed.

Update 7/28/2017 - Twitch Staff lead for view counts made the following statement on r/eve.

"Also sometimes viewcounts will stop updating for some viewers. This is purely a cosmetic/client-side problem (though a very annoying one). A page refresh usually fixes that. This is a problem in the JavaScript code that polls the number, and I'm reaching out to get that fixed too." - Source

Update 10/31/2017 - Since the change over from the FLASH Player to HTML5, the new player has issues automatically starting up from offline to live states.  If someone has your stream open during it being offline, and then you go online there is a good chance it wont start until the webpage or the player is restarted. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

Automatic Twitter followers and following by streamers?

How some streamers are using Twitter to market their content and promotions!

So today while logging into my twitter account I find this twitch streamer following me.

Notice anything weird about this screenshot? I do, 50k following!

Then if you check on social blade you can see a snapshot of daily trends. Here is a screenshot of that:

One day a huge amount of following, then a couple days later unfollows in what appears to be in a systematic way. So basically trying to exploit the 'I follow you and you follow me back' sort of a deal.

How do people even do this stuff? Searching around I found out its either thru scripting with API access to twitter or via 3rd party websites like tweepi.

If you plan on using any type of automation on twitter, it should be extremely limited in my opinion.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

With Success comes hate

Everyone knows the saying with success comes hate right? Well here is how its happening against my small channel on twitch.

The main conduits typically seems to be on reddit, for me since I'm primarily a EVE Online streamer it would be r/eve.

Here are some examples of recent targeted hate towards myself and my channel.




The common theme from all the attackers is viewership numbers. If I had a total of 10 viewers and 8 of those were from a external embed no one would care. But now since I'm more successful and averaging 300+ viewers all the time, more focus is coming my way. People are trying to figure out whats happening, why I have more viewers and are quick to assume things.

My approach to streaming is also very different from what you typically see on twitch which may add to the problem. I do not attempt to be a personality type of a streamer. My focus is being more of a support type of a stream for the games I play in a chill / relaxing setting. Additionally I aim to have good video quality, limited overlays, no gimmicks, limited voice commentary but huge chat interaction. If anyone asks questions it generally gets answered in the chat very quickly by me.

Since I've been going more full time with streaming I utilize embedding to advertise my stream across my portfolio of websites. My twitch stream runs 24/7 so its a great supplemental to my video game blogs and to this twitch guide site. Embeds get counted in the total live viewer number. Their is no separation between twitch site viewers and external embedded viewers.

Which leads to a huge lack of understanding when it comes to embeds. Many of the hater's kept calling it inflation or fake views, some kinda understand it but then say its cheating the system. I attempt to explain it but for some no matter how much you disclose and show examples they don't seem to care, they default and will continue to say its fake viewers. There is nothing fake about embedding, a person has to be there to generate a view.

Another thing a majority of people are very clueless about is the mere fact that anyone can take a embed code from any channel and post it up somewhere. I offer a very good example here (check viral bomb section), one of the biggest video game websites ran a story and featured my channel's embed on it. And guess what? That website has a extreme amount of affiliates who take their content and repost it. Over the many years of streaming this type of event replicates, gets compounded and every little bit of that gets added up into the view count.

The salt, the jealously from other streamers fan base was also rampant on the reddit threads. People think being in the top spot in a game directory is the golden key to growth or something? There was even other streamers complaining about my stream on some sections like I'm the reason they are not getting viewers! I've been streaming since 2009, been a content creator since 2000, thousands of hours have laid the foundation for what I have today. If you are a streamer and see other streamers success and numbers as some sort of a competition, your wasting brain power and time on something you cant control. Focus on what you can control, you, your brand, what makes you different. Try out different things, see what works, what doesn't. Need ideas? Welcome to my Twitch tips blog - many good guides and information available here.

Let me close out and say thanks for all the people who supported and defended my channel against the haters! Much appreciated!