Friday, March 3, 2017

Automatic Twitter followers and following by streamers?

How some streamers are using Twitter to market their content and promotions!

So today while logging into my twitter account I find this twitch streamer following me.

Notice anything weird about this screenshot? I do, 50k following!

Then if you check on social blade you can see a snapshot of daily trends. Here is a screenshot of that:

One day a huge amount of following, then a couple days later unfollows in what appears to be in a systematic way. So basically trying to exploit the 'I follow you and you follow me back' sort of a deal.

How do people even do this stuff? Searching around I found out its either thru scripting with API access to twitter or via 3rd party websites like tweepi.

If you plan on using any type of automation on twitter, it should be extremely limited in my opinion.

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