Monday, March 27, 2017

Events Posting

A short guide on how to use the new events featured recently added to Twitch.

The new events manager option should be now showing up on your dashboard next to video manager.

Click on Create Event and fill out the details.

Once you create a new event it will show up in the future events tab section with some additional options.

  • Edit - change the details, date, image and description
  • Share - Displays the event URL and additional sharing options to various social media sites.
  • Remind Me - Reminder option to automatically send a email 1 hour before the event. Plus additional links to add to calendar for apple, google, yahoo and outlook.
  • Delete - remove the event
Viewers will see the new 'Event' tab showing across the top of your channel page next to collections and the followers number.  Also will show up in channel feed if you selected that option in the events detail form.

When you are creating a new event, a option to add in a image is available. Make sure to create a custom image or else it will auto use a default like the shown in the above screenshot.

For the description section make sure to add in a URL to your channel at the bottom linking back.  There is a link on the side (starring) but I think it stands out alot more if you add it in as text also so its more visible.

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