Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Twitch app auto follows streamers

Did you know the new Twitch app for ios and android auto follows channels based on which 3 games they have to pick in the start screen?

So this is something new that I haven't seen happen on Twitch before via their app.  I loaded up the new Twitch Andriod app on bluestacks to test it out to verify. Bluestacks is a android emulator, which is very handy for testing apps.

After you login (I used a freshly created Twitch account, this may make a difference), you have to pick 3 games to follow. For my test I picked EVE Online, Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous.

Here are the listed streamers that the app automatically followed for each game:

Elite Dangerous Auto Follow Streamers:

Star Citizen Auto Follow Streamers:

EVE Online Auto Follow Streamers:

At first glance it seems to pick channels with the most followers that are currently online for the game.

Update 7/7/2017 - Its picking the top three streamers in the game directory now, not most followers.

Knowing the above fact makes this exploitable via the vodcasting feature. If your channel has generally more viewers (total followers) then others who are currently streaming the game you will benefit from the twitch app auto follow system.

Twitch Support tweeted out the following:

Interesting keywords here is "new-user onboarding flow" which I believe for the app is to get users to quickly see the benefits of following games and streamers.

How do you feel about the Twitch app basically follow botting certain channels? Leave a comment below, thanks!

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