Thursday, March 24, 2016

Dark Souls 3 launch, special access weirdness

So Dark Souls 3 has official launched in Japan, but the NA version hasn't shipped yet. Bamco has also sent out codes for Dark Souls 3 (NA - English versions) to the media, a handful of selected streamers and youtubers.

Here is what the Twitch Directory for Dark Souls 3 looks like on day two since launch in japan.

As you can tell there is a huge amount of streamers, streaming the game. At first glance you would assume the game is out globally which will lead people into getting confused. Many streamers appear to have purchased the JAP version in order to stream it as early as possible.

Furthermore who is selecting the group of Twitch streamers to get first access to the NA version of the game? What is the baseline for the selection of these casters over others? It seems like there is a insider group of casters who always seem to get this special treatment. This is one ongoing case where I would hope Twitch becomes more transparent. They should list who is in this special group and what are the requirements to be listed in the group.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Chatty settings for AWS

How to configure chatty to connect to the new aws irc server system being implemented.

Step 1:
  • Click main from the top menu, then settings, then select advanced.
Step 2:
  • Change Server to
  • Port to 80

Additional Server Settings
(if above settings do not work)

  • Server:
    Ports: 80, 6667
    SSL ports: 443, 6697
  • Server:
    Port: 80
    SSL port: 443
How to check to see if your channel's irc has been migrated to the new chat server system?

Go to the following URL:

Replace "Name" with your own channel, if it says aws then your on the new system, if it says main, that is the old system.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Media / Special access for Pre-Division Launch

Division launch is one day away, and today on Twitch all the streamers with special access are showcasing the game.

Here is a screenshot of the directory and who is streaming the game currently.

Now I can understand large youtubers, media companies and other special interest getting access.  But if you notice on the list, there is a bunch of Twitch only types that have access.  Other then Swiftor who was on the promo email, how do all these other casters get on the roster?

This is something that I have been wondering for a while now.  I get the feeling there is a special list that Twitch has to provide special perks when they get them from gaming companies to these casters.  It seems the same group keeps getting the perks while others are left out. BTW if your a fan of this game then check out my The Division guides site!