Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Series 1 shows up in hosting stats

What is "Series 1" in Twitch Stats for hosting mean? 

If you have checked your stats on the dashboard for who is hosting your channel, pretty sure you will see something called "Series 1" in the list. Here is a screenshot of today's hosting stats from my channel.

  • Series 1: 40
When someone hosts your channel, they will show up on the dashboard in the section right under playing. Series 1 has never been listed there so I started to wonder what can this stat mean that's showing up here?

Oddly enough while checking other stats out, I found a link! Here is a screenshot of the same Video Play's section but with a different filter by which is "Player Type".

  • android: 40
Turns out its something related to android and/or mobile users and may have nothing to do with hosting.

Undefined showing up in stats

What does undefined mean when you are looking at Twitch.tv URL Videoplay stats?

For the longest time I have been wondering what undefined is when you are looking at Video Plays by URL filter for stats on the dashboard. And it turns out it was really simple to figure out what exactly it was by using the other filters.


Here is a screenshot of the Video Plays by URL set.
  • player.twitch.tv: 500
  • undefined: 40
  • www.twitch.tv: 20
Now here is another screenshot of the exact time frame but instead of by "URL", its by "Player Type".

  • embed: 500
  • android: 40
  • site: 20
As it turns out, Android matches in both sections, so when you are checking by URL, the undefined really means android users i.e. Mobile.

Undefined issue solved, now to the player.twitch.tv problem.

The URL stats use to show domain names for all the different websites that had your stream embedded on but due to changes to the embed code its now showing everything as player.twitch.tv.

I have made a suggestion on twitch's uservoice section for a additional parameter we can add to have some sort of tracking of numbers from the various embed sites. Lets see if that gets any traction!