Sunday, April 30, 2017

How to delete clips made by viewers

Guide on how to delete clips created by viewers from your channel on

One of the new features on allows viewers to create clips from your broadcast. If you wish to delete the clips created from your channels content, here is how to do just that!

Step 1
Login to your Twitch Account and then go to the following clips URL:

Here it will show you all the clips created by viewers from your channel.

Step 2
Click on the clip you wish to remove from the list, it will show up on the right side and start to play.

Step 3

On the video player screen, click on the cogwheel and the following options show up:
  • Delete Clip - removes the clip
  • Delete All Clips - removes all clips from the related video
  • Timeout User (24 hr) - prevent viewer from creating new clips for 24 hours.
  • Ban User - permanently ban viewer from creating clips of your channel.
Use the delete clip or other options to remove the clip from your channel.

Clips currently don't seem to offer any sort of monetization.What I have seen streamers do in order to monetization clips is to create compilations by combining user created clips and then uploading that to the channel. Since you don't want to duplicate content, it maybe best to remove all clips from that stream session. You can use the 'Delete All Clips' option from step 3 to do just that for certain stream broadcasts.

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